The numbers appear to fly in the face of the oil and gas industry economic downturn, but most of the current projects were initiated before that lull kicked in last summer.

The Sunset Ridge subdivision in the city’s west-end is a prime example.

“We’ve got about 26 lots left, and then we’ve got another 45 we’re probably going to service this year,” says Century 21 realtor Kevin Pearson. “And then we’ve just sold a chunk of that land to the school district.”

Pearson confirmed that parcel is in addition to an adjacent one purchased recently by the school district from the city, but due to the Easter break; we’ve been unable to get any purchase or building plan information from district 60 officials.

Meantime, Pearson also says another eight acres are already targeted for development in the same general area – and it won’t all be residential.

“That seems to be the main corridor for right now, honestly, because if you look towards the airport, all these big oil companies are building out in that direction,” Pearson goes on to explain. “So our office building, they’re basically working on the second floor within our area right now, and we’ll have about 9,000 square feet and then their will be two other lease bases next to it.”

Pearson says theirs still approximately 4,500 square feet of land still up for grabs.

Moving to the other side of the city, and another project two years in the making, Century 21 is looking at an August move into a newly renovated office at the site of the old Woodland Tim-Br Mart on 100 Avenue and 91 Street.

As for city hall building numbers, the year-to-date construction value is already at $14.7 million, as opposed to last year’s two month total of $8.9 million.