Head Coach Gerard Dicare says members of the Yeti organization went above and beyond in terms of accommodations for the Flyers and also have a great arena for hockey games.

“They were a generous host. That facility that they have up their is top notch with the two rinks and the lounge in between both,” he says. “The hotel was good; we had food after the games and beverages to drink. They definitely will be making a good bid to get into this league next year.” 

President of the Fort Nelson Yeti Ryan Carter says fans in Fort Nelson were excited to see more hockey and witnessed two quality games over the weekend.

“We had a really good showing by our community this weekend. There was a real buzz around town and it was a real good weekend overall,” he states. “They were treated to two really good hockey games where both came down to an empty net goal. It was really exciting for the fans and a really good showing all weekend by Fort St. John for bringing a team here.”

Carter adds that the Yeti are continuing to get more support from fans and businesses and the organization is also taking time to immerse themselves in the community. 

“It’s just been all positive news around town here. There was more fans and more support for our team. We’ve been very busy in the community. We have been involving ourselves with the minor hockey programs, we’ve been doing school visits and items like that,” he explains. “More sponsors are wanting to come on board after seeing the excitement around town. It’s been growing here ever since our games with Devon over Christmas.”

There are no more home games planned for Fort Nelson for the current hockey season, however they will remain busy on the ice. The team will turn their sights to participating in the B.C. provincials for the Coy Cup in Williams Lake in March.

The Yeti will again put forth a proposal for membership in the North Peace Hockey League. The Fort Nelson proposal involved covering hotel costs for opposition teams and having a set amount for bus costs. The proposal also states if Fort St. John and Dawson Creek are willing to make the trip to Fort Nelson every year then other teams in the North Peace Hockey League will only need to make a trip to Fort Nelson once every three seasons.

If the NPHL proposal falls through Carter and the Yeti will then turn their attention to joining the Central Interior Hockey League.