There were seven violations issued for impaired driving, as well as numerous other tickets, which Woodall says is an improvement. 

“I guess it’s fair to say the amount of impaired drivers was actually low considering the weekend. I’m pretty pleased to see that. Even though there were some still out there, the numbers were down.” 

The RCMP was out in full force over the weekend, but Woodall says the reduction can’t just be attributed to that.

“I think it’s people making a concerted effort to not drink and drive. It’s a combination of that, plus police presence, plus the penalties through the [Immediate Roadside Prohibition] program as well,” he argues. “I think it’s working.” 

He adds that he was also happy that no trailers had to be towed due to being improperly connected, which was one of the detachment’s focuses this weekend.

“What was better was the number of trailers that complied with the requirements for hookups. There were several that didn’t that went through check stops. They were corrected and sent on their way, so there were none that were towed as a result of that.” 

However, the one area that Woodall says was worse than expected was the number of vehicles impounded for excessive speeding. This long weekend, five vehicles were taken away when the driver was caught going 40 kilometres over the speed limit. Woodall says that much higher than police would normally see.