Below are the official results from all of the local riders who participated in the two day event, starting with Saturday’s results:

Barrel Racing      Sarah Terpstra 1st, Saige Kjos 25th

Breakaway Roping      Sarah Terpstra 3rd

Bull Riding      Jake Gardner 2nd

Goat Tying      Brooke Soychuk 9th, Sarah Terpstra 12th

Pole Bending      Jordan Wolsey 3rd, Sarah Terpstra 4th

Steer Wrestling      Jess Robinson 4th, Jake Gardner 5th

Team Roping      Jake Gardner 1st, Jess Robinson 4th

Tie Down Roping      Jake Gardner 2nd, Jess Robinson 5th

Sunday Results:

Barrel Racing      Kaitlyn Jordanov 1st, Brooke Soychuk 3rd

Breakaway Roping       Sarah Terpstra 5th

Bull Riding     Jake Gardner 4th

Goat Tying      Sarah Terpstra 6th, Jordan Wolsey 10th

Pole Bending      Jordan Wolsey 4th, Brooke Soychuk 13th

Steer Wrestling      Jake Gardner 1st, Jess Robinson 3rd

Team Roping      Jess Robinson 3rd, Jake Gardner 7th

Tie Down Roping      Jess Robinson 1st, Jake Gardner 2nd

The next event on the schedule for the B.C. High School Rodeo Association is the Williams Lake High School Rodeo.