Flyers GM Rob Larson says it’s a consideration the team makes every year based on the upcoming season.

“There’s certain years when we don’t, when were hosting the Allan Cup, but we’ve had seven straight years of being AAA so we’re at the point now where re-evaluating if that is the route we’re going to continue on.”

The cost of playing at the AAA level as well as the skill of players also plays a role.

“It’s expensive. Costs are pretty large to go AAA for travel and other costs involved,” Larson says. “Secondly, just with players of that calibre around the community, maybe some are older or retire, and if there is nobody of that skill to replace them, we need to re-evaluate where we’re at.”

If the team doesn’t go to the AAA level for the upcoming season, it would mean more games in the NPHL, as the team would then be playoff eligible for the upcoming season.

A decision on the matter isn’t expected until mid-summer.