During her sentence she must also report to a court appointed supervisor and is prohibited from leaving the province. According to Tumbler Ridge News, she currently lives in Vancouver, and it is unclear whether she will fulfill her community service hours there or in Chetwynd.

Llewellyn was hired in May 2010 to complete an audit of the Centre’s books, as it was funded by the Ministry of Child and Family Development, but records show she left a year later without having completed the audit. According to court documents, investigators believe she took the money by changing her paycheques from $600 to $1,600. They also say she took money and products donated by to the Centre by the community. 

The fraud forced the Centre to shut down in January 2012, which lost the organization its provincial funding and left a hole in the community. The Women’s Resource Centre helped fund low-income housing and provided support for programs dealing with domestic violence in the community.

Llewellyn was reportedly also investigated in 2009 for taking approximately $44,000 from the Peace Christian School when she worked there, but trustees entered into an agreement with her to get the money, so no criminal charges were made.

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