In the sprint for third place, it was Celeste Pakstas that emerged victorious, outracing Matt Jarnagin and Dawit Feyissa with a time of 1:01.06.

Hilderman and Ferris pulled away from the pack as they entered the packed snow portion of the race, staying together until the bottom of the old school hill on the muddy gravel section.

Ferris made his move into first on the final gravel hill, never surrendering the lead after that for a record 6 Roubaix Cup win.

Following three races, the final points total had Ferris atop with 12, Hilderman with 10, Kevin Shaw 5 and George Gamble and Celeste Pakstas with 4.

Up next for the Blizzard Bike Club is the start of the “Spring Stage Race”, a seven stage event raced over 11 days. Shaw entered this year’s Stage Race as the defending men’s champion, while the same goes for Celeste Pakstas on the ladies side.

The first race in the series is the ferocious Beaton River Hill Climb, which will be held this Friday morning at 10 a.m., starting from the old Beatton River Park entrance.

For more information on the Blizzard Bike Club of any of its upcoming race, visit the Club’s official website.