“Canada’s oil and natural gas industry delivers energy to Canada and the world in a responsible way every day,” said CAPP President Dave Collyer. “These annual awards recognize Canadian oil and gas leaders in continuous performance improvement.”

The awards are part of CAPP’s Responsible Canadian Energy program, and were chosen by a group of representatives from the safety, environment, labour, Aboriginal, academic, private, finance and investment sectors.
Encana Corporation took home the top honour of the night, the President’s Award, for three of its programs: the Responsible Products Program, which assesses the chemical additives it uses in hydraulic fracturing, Horn River Basin Recycling, and Race Against Hunger, which raises food, funds and awareness for local food banks.
Chevron won the Health and Safety Award for its Beaufort Sirluaq Seismic Program, conducted in mid-2012 without incurring a single recordable safety or environmental incident, ahead of schedule and on budget.
The Social Performance Award went to Suncor for its David Thompson Corridor Visitor Services Program, a five-year program funding partnership with Alberta Parks.
The Environmental Performance Award went home with Cenovus for its SkyStrat drilling rig, which it developed to improve stratigraphic drilling programs in the oil sands, and is small enough to be transported by helicopter.
Lastly, ARC Resources won the Chair’s Award for its Dawson Gas Plant. The company chose to build a low emission facility, reducing greenhouse gas emissions.
The awards ceremony also featured comments by Alberta Premier Alison Redford and a keynote speech by Chief of the Fort McKay First Nation Jim Boucher.