Pimm explains this will become an annual event to acknowledge the hard work they have done over the years to build our communities.

“Basically just recognition that the cattlemen and the cowboys played such a huge role in this province over the years and have gone so long without any recognition,” he says.
Local rancher Ken Siemens says this recognition will also be useful in helping younger generations learn about the history of this land.
“I don`t think the people nowadays understand that this whole country was settled with horses,” he argues. 10:32 “The transportation here was horses. My grandma came from Nebraska on a wagon train all the way to here, so we complain about driving with a vehicle now; they did it on a horse.”
“I know they used to haul grain out from Cecil Lake with horses,” adds Fern Mertens, another local rancher. “40, 50 bushels took them three days to get to Dawson [Creek], two days to get back.”
The idea of Cowboy Heritage Week became a reality in just weeks, after newly appointed Lieutenant Governor Judith Guichon, who is the former president of the British Columbia Cattlemen’s Association, caught wind of it.