The gold medallists in each division will take part in the Provincial Skills competition in Abbotsford in April.
Below are the medallists from each category:
Wednesday, March 6, 2013
Jr. Skills
Gravity Vehicle Race
Gold – Hudson Henderson(DCSS-CC)
Silver – Kevin White(DCSS-CC)
Bronze – Adrian Threinen(DCSS-CC)
Spaghetti Bridge 
Gold – Caleb Willms, Skyler Chowace(DCSS-CC)
Silver – Parker Heck, Riley Moore(BBJS)
Bronze – Austin Tallman(BBJS)
Architectural CAD
Gold – Raz Petrick(DCSS-SP)
Silver – Kelsie Wozniak(DCSS-SP)
Automotive Service
Gold – Jess Robinson(NPSS)
Silver – Joel L’Heureux(NPSS)/Ed Merkl(DCSS-SP_dual credit)
Bronze – Devon Behreus(NPSS)
Gold – Kathryn Stickel (NPSS-dual credit)
Gold – Jarred Sutherland(DCSS-SP)
Silver – Riley Bassett(DCSS-SP)
Bronze – Payton Dekker(DCSS-SP)
Gold – Matt Link(DCSS-SP-dual-credit)
Silver – Frank Beaulieu(DCSS-SP-dual credit)
Bronze – Dale McEachern(NPSS-dual credit)
Gold – Brooke Copeland(NPSS)
Silver – Rebecca Kantz(NPSS)
Bronze – Kendra Parker(FNSS)
TV/Video Production
Gold – James Ashwell(DCSS-SP) and Nick Tutin(DCSS-SP)
2D Computer Animation
Gold – Korynn Oberle(DCSS-SP) and Zac Shwartz(DCSS-SP)
Thursday, March 7, 2013
Gold – Brad Johnson (NLC)
Silver – Ben Scholten (NLC)
Bronze – Cody Panter (NLC)
Gold – Meesha Beaulieu (NLC)
Silver – Nicole Cruickshank (NLC)
Bronze – Brandy Dyck (NLC)
Culinary Arts(PS)
Gold – Jeff Otto (NLC)