RCMP say one neighbour confronted the man and was assaulted and threatened by the suspect. He has since been released from hospital. Other neighbours followed the suspect at a safe distance, and he was arrested while hiding in another yard.

Dawson RCMP warns the public against confronting people committing crimes, as these encounters are often dangerous. Sergeant Scott West says it would have been a tragedy had the intervening neighbour been seriously injured or killed trying to apprehend the criminal.
“The persons committing the offences of break and enter and in the recent robberies are people who are substance abusers and addicts,” he explains. “This makes their behaviour erratic and their actions desperate.”
Instead, he says people who witness crimes can help by taking photos or videos, recording the licence plate of a vehicle, and providing information and a statement to police.
“Please only intervene if someone’s life is actually in danger and only following a suspect if necessary but do it at a safe distance and in a safe manner,” he pleads. “You can assist the police and your community without putting yourself in harm’s way. So be safe and call 911.”