At the top of the Fort St. John list is CM Finch, which dropped in rankings, but remains in the top 100 in the 85th spot, after averaging a ranking of 78 over the past five years.

The second highest ranked elementary school is Alwin Holland, at 335, which doesn’t have a five year average as it was not ranked in 2008.
Ecole Central comes in third at 385, down from a five year average of 295.
Next is Bert Ambrose, which saw a drastic drop from an average of 93 over the past five years to 404. Its overall rating out of 10 dropped to 6 in 2012 due to lower test scores in all categories after holding in the 8 to 9 range from 2008 to 2011.
Robert Ogilvie is the only elementary school in Fort St. John that improved in the rankings, from an average of 575 over the past five years to 455.
Rounding out the Energetic City schools is Duncan Cran in 674th place out of 853, a significant drop from its five year average of 372.
However, elementary schools just outside of Fort St. John are a different story. Upper Pine improved to 303 from an average of 433, while Charlie Lake moved up to 351 from 372. Upper Pine is ranked 9th on the top twenty fastest improving list. Prespatou moved down to 577 from 451, and Taylor ties with Duncan Cran for lowest in the North Peace, with a ranking of 674. 
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