Following legal advice as to whether or not a conflict of interests existed within Fort St. John City Councillors with regards to the respective boards they sit on and receiving those exemptions, Council members had to one-by-one announce whether or not they wished to excuse themselves from the conversation, as to not risk crossing any conflict of interest lines.

After naming their respective positions on various organizations around the city and how they would pose a conflict, along with Mayor Lori Ackerman being away at Vancouver’s International LNG Conference, only three members of council were able to discuss the issue, which was not enough to reach quorum, the minimal amount of people necessary to conduct business.

Once it was decided that not enough councillors could partake in the discussion for it to be valid, City Council decided to seek further legal advice, and push back the discussion on permissive property tax exemptions to a later date.

The City of Fort St. John is currently looking to see if any changes are needed to be made with regards to the amount of property taxes non-profit organizations and churches pay. Currently, these organizations do not have to pay said property taxes.