However, after hearing about their prize, local Booster Juice owner Darren Thomson approached his head office about donating them instead, an offer he says they were happy to approve.

“Booster Juice has recognized the contribution that Duncan Cran has made in the community with their various environmental programs that they’ve brought in,” says Thomson. “Booster Juice is very big on environmental issues and their school lunch program as well, so this contributes to that as well.”
In total, Booster Juice donated 300 insulated lunch kits to the school. Duncan Cran Vice-Principal Christine Todd says that means the $1,000 can now go towards supporting a larger “litterless” lunch program.
“$1,000 is great but it only goes so far,” she argues. “When I do projects with students I like to do the whole school, and so I thought maybe I would only be able to provide for one or two classrooms, but now we can provide for everybody in every classroom, which I really like.
She says they will now be looking at reusable water bottles for every student in the school as well.
Duncan Cran is again taking on the Shell Canada and Canadian Geographic Classroom Energy Diet Challenge, of which they were named the top school in Canada last year. Last year they looked through their classroom’s garbage, and found most of it came from food wrappings from lunch.
“We’re just trying to get the kids to think about, instead of bringing your lunch in sandwich bags or wrapping it in plastic, to use reusable containers instead and kind of reduce the amount of garbage,” explains Todd.