Jim Morrison of MCI Solutions invented the technology for a solar chemical injection pump which results in zero emissions during the process..

“We’re trying to eliminate and certainly control all of the emissions that come from the chemical injection process in the oil and gas industry,” he explains. “The patent covers a fairly unique technology in that all of the chemical is now contained; it doesn’t leak to the environment.”

The product gets rid of the need for venting when injecting chemicals, and greatly reduce harmful emissions. Morrison calls it the “most efficient” pump on the market, as it can “inject the most minute quantities of chemical of anybody in the industry.

Previously, most of the production of the parts of the pump was done elsewhere in Canada, but Morrison wants to start producing in their Fort St. John facility, which will cut costs dramatically. He says that’s what this investment will help them work towards.

“The programs to run these machines and optimization of tooling. These kinds of things that you just never get the opportunity to explore and investigate, this money goes to that, and training.”

In total, the government is investing $80 million over three years into over 600 Canadian companies. MP Bob Zimmer, who announced the funding on behalf of Gary Goodyear, Minister of State (Science and Technology), says that although Canadians want to cut spending, this is one area that’s exempt.

“The one thing that we’ve heard loud and clear from Canadians is that we don’t want to cut our R&D funding, so what we’re doing is we’re actually increasing the funding now to projects like Jim’s because we see this as the future,” he says.

Mayor Lori Ackerman, Executive Director for Sci-Tech North, the company Morrison credits his company’s existence to, agrees that investing in science and technology is important, and that having local companies succeed helps pave the way for other entrepreneurs.

“The future is the knowledge economy,” she argues. “We have intellectual property that is owned here in Fort St. John, so we start creating wealth in the communities and more importantly, the industry. So to have the federal government invest in a company that is here in Fort St. John, not only does it help the company grow, but it also helps others to see that they can move down the line.”

MCI Solution’s project is expected to be completed by the end of 2013.