The tournament began for the Flyers facing the Manning GRL Comets, a game they scored six goals in, to emerge victorious with a final score of 6-1.

Next on the schedule were the Peace River Colts, and once again, the Ross H. MacLean Flyers netted six goals, compared to just two produced by the Colts, extending the Flyers’ winning streak to two in the form of a 6-2 victory.

The winning streak was extended to three in the Flyers’ next game, when they took on the Fairview Sharp Thunder. The Flyers brought the storm to the Thunder, as the hometown team scored 10 goals, and only allowed one, booking their ticket to the tournament finals courtesy of the 10-1 beat down.

Sunday, the Flyers hit the ice against the Prince George Cougars, where a solid team effort, combined with a stellar performance from team captain Aiden Craig-Steele, who scored four goals in the final game, led the Ross H. MacLean Flyers to a 5-1 tournament winning victory.