According to Ashley Bentley, Executive Director of the Fort St. John Hospital Foundation, the event was the best attended in the history of the Gala, with 256 guests enjoying the evening’s festivities.

The significant amount of money raised will go towards the Hospital Foundation’s total fundraising goal of $200,000.

To help achieve that fundraising goal, Bentley says various events will be taking place in Fort St. John throughout the month of November.

The Hospital Foundation will be mailing out their Invitation to Give, which will be sent out to 6,000 community members, providing information on how they can donate to the cause.

Fort St. John financial institutions are also fundraising money for the cause, each holding their own unique fundraisers, and donations can be made directly through those establishments.

Also taking place in November will be the annual Light a Moose fundraiser, which last year helped raise over $37,000.

The campaign ends December 1 with the Christmas tree light-up event, which will take place at the Fort St. John Hospital.

For more information on the Fort St. John Hospital Foundation’s Be an Angel campaign, or to find out how to make a donation, visit its official website.