Firefighters from Fort St. John, Charlie Lake and Taylor spent the day helping families learn how to prevent a fire, and protect themselves in the event that one occurs. There was a live burn demonstration, and the young ones got to put on a firefighter’s suit and put out a fire themselves using a fire extinguisher. Other highlights of the day were a new inflatable slide, and as usual, the burn house.

The theme of this year’s Fire Prevention Week is “Have Two Ways Out”, which means having a plan B to get out of any room or building in the case of a fire.

“In case one’s cut off then you’ve got your secondary means to get away from the fire or the emergency,” Fort St. John Fire Prevention Officer Simon Caughill explains. “Say there’s a fire in the stairwell and the kids are sleeping up in their room, they wouldn’t be able to get out that stairwell.”

Photos from the day are below: