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The band will be led by local music educator Sabrina Bailey, a former military musician who holds a degree in Music Education from the University of Victoria.

Bailey says she can’t wait to bring more music into Fort St. John, describing the city as the “music capital of the north”.

The band is open to anyone with three years of playing experience in a concert band setting, as the group will begin play at the intermediate level, with the goal of advancing participants’ skills, and eventually travelling.

Bailey says the band is a great way for fellow musicians form a sense of comradery.

“The program is a great way to bring fellow musicians together. A band is just as good regarding teamwork as a sports team. There is a ton of focus on teamwork and coming together as a group.”

The developed community band will focus on a variety of musical genres, from classical marching music, to songs that tell stories. However, Bailey says her Community Band will incorporate a wide range of other musical styles, such as Latin Infusion and swing.

She says there has already been a keen interest expressed throughout the community, and encourages anyone interested in participating to contact her.

“We will welcome as many people that can show up. With regards to wind bands, it’s usually the bigger the better, but in the end it’s all about that desired balance.”

Rehearsals will begin in the Bert Bowes band room, Thursday, September 13, beginning at 7 p.m.

The Community Band’s opening concert will be held on Remembrance Day, Sunday, November 11, with several other performances taking place throughout the year.

If interested in joining or just looking for a few more details, visit the program’s official website, or email Sabrina Bailey at

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