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During the annual pool maintenance period, new equipment such as a second exterior water slide, an indoor small child (tots) slide, as well as a new wave generating machine will all be installed for the benefit of pool users.

Steve McLain, Facilities Manager for the City of Fort St. John, says the new additions to the facility will cater to a wide variety of demographics.

“It just gives patrons more things to do. We’re a young community… by putting in a kiddy slide, we are helping our youngest patrons and younger families enjoy the pool more. By putting in a second exterior slide, we are helping the other kids and younger adults. And waves are always popular by patrons and the new machinery will allow us to have quite a bit more control over the waves.”

The second exterior water slide will be similar in design and size to the existing one as requested by the pool’s patrons.

According to McLain, the additional adult slide will not require a second slide supervisor, as the slide entrances will be stationed in the same area, so extra monitors will not be necessary when ensuring safe use.

The indoor tots slide will benefit young families, after parents expressed dissatisfaction that they are no longer able to ride with their children through the exterior slide following changes in pool policy.

Insulation for both exterior slides is being looked into and will be added to the project if budgetary requirements are met.

The North Peace Leisure Pool budget contains $700,000 for this particular project. $350,000 will be allocated for the second exterior water slide, $100,000 for the wave machine and $60,000 for the new Tot’s Slide.

Delivery for the new equipment is scheduled for September 4, 2012, with installation to follow.

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