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The 21-year-old hitchhiker’s naked body was found hidden under bushes in Kiskatinaw Provincial Park on July 24, 1990, with her throat cut.

Felker wasn’t questioned by the RCMP until 2004, and wasn’t charged until two years later after an extensive investigation. That investigation included a “Mr. Big” undercover operation, where a police officer poses as a member of a criminal gang, gaining a suspects trust so they confess to an earlier crime. In recorded conversations, Felker admitted to the undercover cops that he killed Burk, but his accounts were inconsistent. There was also DNA evidence linking the two together.
Felker attempted to overturn his conviction in B.C.’s highest court based on an error in his 2009 trial, as the trial judge falsely told the jury that the law presumes incriminating statements are true. Despite that mistake, in her written decision released today, B.C. Court of Appeal Justice Mary Saunders said the evidence implicating Felker in Burk’s murder was “overwhelming”.
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