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A report by city staff cites further research, as well as information from the Community Energy Association and feedback from the public hearing on the rezoning application. At that meeting, residents expressed concern that the Passivhaus wasn’t being built to help infill in the downtown core, and the property isn’t already serviced.

The property at 9404 99 Avenue is already serviced, and properly zoned, and qualifies as infill and is within walking distance to downtown. Council will consider subdividing the parcel of land into two 130 foot by 75 foot parcels, with the more northern parcel left to become a duplex or triplex.

Now that the move has been approved, the foundation is slated to be constructed in mid-September, with the prefabricated envelope erected for late September. Council will discuss the potential uses for the Passivhaus before construction is complete.

The change doesn’t affect the budget, but there will be a reduction in serving costs per parcel, from $40,000 at Greenridge Heights, to $15,000 per lot.

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