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Yesterday’s high of 29.4, was less than two degrees off the 2008 August 6th record of 30, and today’s forecast high of 30 is less than three degrees off the long-standing August 7th, 1945 record of 32.8.

As a result, residents across northeastern B.C. are still being encouraged to conserve water, and the Oil and Gas Commission has ordered all oil and gas operators in the region, to suspend short-term water withdrawals, from – what are in most cases – low level rivers.

The Wildlife Management Branch website also shows 12 active fires burning in the Prince George Fire Centre, with the total number reported thus far this fire season up to 227. That remains the highest total among the six fire centers in the province, with the Kamloops and Caribou Centers at 215 and 129 respectively, and the other three each with 65 or less.

The province-wide burn total is up to nearly 18,000 hectares, but the Prince George Centre total is now over 16,300. Three big fires north of Fort Nelson continue to account for most of it. The Suhm Creek blaze, now burning unchecked for more than a month, covers more than 7,300 hectares, and the two Liard river area fires, first reported on July 22nd, now cover a combined total of nearly 5,000.

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