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In the Chapot-Blanc Complex, 100 kilometres northwest of Fort Nelson, there are two fires burning in close proximity to one another, with a combined fire size of 7,500 hectares. Currently, an incident management team is in Fort Nelson, assisting with fire suppression efforts.

Due to high winds and the hot and dry climate, the fire is expected to continue to grow throughout the day.

140 kilometres west of Fort Nelson in Toad River are three burning fires, which have a combined size of 125 hectares.

The Fire Centre also says the Pesh Fire, located 140 kilometres northwest of Fort Nelson, is approximately 5,750 hectares in size and there is currently an evacuation alert in place for infrastructures south of the fire. However, activity on this fire has been minimal the last few days, with little to no fire growth taking place.

Finally, the Kotcho Lake fire, 80 kilometres east of Fort Nelson, is close to 1,800 hectares in size, and also has experienced little growth over the past three days.

Despite its lack of growth, the fire will continue to be monitored by personnel from the Wildfire Management Branch.

To report a wildfire or an unattended campfire, contact *5555 on a cellular phone, or call 1-800-663-5555.

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