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He’ll take part when the team travels to Ontario to take on clubs representing other Canadian provinces.

Despite not actually making it down south for tryouts, the young rugby player was able to submit a video showcasing a variety of his skills to U14 team’s manager, Don Brown, who obviously was quite impressed by what he saw of the 13 year old.

Gray says he thought the exciting news of making the team would take a few more days to reach him.

“I was surprised and shocked. I didn’t expect to find out that quick. I did the tryouts and three days later my dad called me and basically said I was selected for the team.”

He says he’s not only excited for the opportunity, but also a little bit nervous

Now an official member of the U14 squad, Gray says it’s business as usual until the day he departs down south.

Gray, believes his two strongest positions on the field are the 5 position, as well as full-back, as they are the positions that allow players to catch the ball and make big runs. He also says he enjoys the kicking aspect of the game, a skill he feels he is “quite good at.”

Another part of the game Gray thinks he’s talented at is side-stepping big hits, a very important skill to possess in an extremely physical sport.

The 13 year old is no stranger to the game of rugby, as his first experience of playing a game came at the age of four, and signed up for club play by age five back in New Zealand.

Experience should be beneficial for Northern B.C.’s representative on the team, as this won’t be the first time Gray played on the sport’s big stage.

Back in New Zealand, Gray was selected to play for the South Canterbury Rugby team, an experience he said was a lot of fun as well as educational.

Gray says that despite playing a game on a new continent, there isn’t too much of a difference between rugby Canada compared to New Zealand.

“The difference is just that some of the people haven’t been playing rugby for as long. I mean, they are pretty good for people who have just started. I don’t think there are any other differences… it’s just more popular back in New Zealand.”

Flights and accommodations, along with the $1,700 fee to enter the tournament, are not cheap, but luckily, local companies in Fort St. John have sponsored the northern representative, an act of kindness Korbyn Gray wishes to say “thank you” for.

Thanks are extended to Qwest Helicopter, WL Construction, Eagle North Ent., Take One Transportation, Eagle Vision and Chris Luther Ent.

The young rugby player will journey to Vancouver come July 22, where he and his new team mates will meet and begin their training camp, held on Jericho Beach from July 23-27.

They will fly to Toronto the following week for the beginning of the national tournament.

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