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Also in the crowd were several local dignitaries and school board representatives, including former NPSS teacher and MP Bob Zimmer, who left the graduates with what he wished he had been told at their age.

“One value that was taught to me by my mom and dad was the most valuable to me, and I will guarantee will be the most valuable to you, is a hard work ethic,” he told the class. “Don’t be afraid of hard work. Help is certainly a blessing, but if you work hard and finish what you start, life will be good to you, and things will fall into place for you as well.”

He continued, “Every day will not be easy for you, but if you work hard at it, you will make it. This is the first day of the rest of your life, you are capable of so many things, and if you’re prepared to work hard to get there, you’ll be surprised where life can take you.”

The winners of the school’s scholarships and bursaries were also announced, including a new memorial bursary for trades and hospitality training, dedicated to Sterne Jorgensen, a NPSS student who passed away last summer. The ceremony was rounded out by an address by valedictorian Jacquie Gullevich, a candlelight ceremony by Mandy Wuth and Joe Ditchfield, and the class’s graduation song, sang by graduates Chris Baumeister and Faith Dappa.

Finally, the moment they’d been waiting for, each grad was called up one-by-one to receive their hard-earned diploma.

Congratulations to the class of 2012.

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