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Leif Olsen, President of the Northern B.C. Guide Outfitters region and owner of Stone Mountain Safaris in Toad River, B.C., says the change will do just that.

“That’s the main thing: it provides business certainty and a more predictable future,” he says. “There’s no doubt it’s one of the biggest hurdles that our association’s been lobbying for for 25 years, I’d imagine.”

Guiding territory certificates provide guide outfitters with exclusive rights to a specific area, and permit them to be hired by non-resident hunters. If someone from outside B.C. wants to hunt in the province, they must do so with a certified guide outfitter.

Olsen says he and other guide outfitters can now start planning for the long term, and not worry about the status of their business.

“If you buy a guide outfitting business and you have a brand new fresh certificate, you’re going to have the certainty that will be in your possession for 25 years instead of 10.”

A certificate issued after the changes have been implemented can be renewed after 15 years, or 60 per cent of their certificate period. If a certificate was renewed before the end of this month, they will be able to renew after five years have elapsed on their old certificate.

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