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Although they are still only just settling in, Residential Care Manager David Callahan says he’s getting a good response to the new building.

“So far it’s been very positive,” he says. “There’s lots of family around the building, and there’s lots of smiles and lots of congratulations and lots of people talking about that they like their rooms.”

The biggest difference between the other facilities and this one, is that all of the rooms are now private, when before some may have been shared between two to four beds. Callahan says this increases both the privacy and the dignity for residents.

The living areas are designed in a pod system, creating neighbourhoods, and making it easier to control the spread of illness. There are also three separate areas for residents with dementia or behavioral problems that are locked 24/7 for safety.

Overall, the move took much less time than expected, which Project Manager Braden Johnston attributes to preparation. He says equipment and personal items that aren’t required for patient comfort were moved days before the residents, to cut down on transportation time the day of.

“There’s a lot of behind the scenes work that needs to be done with regards to the actual movement of the stuff,” he explains. “People always forget that when a hospital or a residential care facility moves, there’s all the stuff that needs to go with the people as well. All that goes first, and we have to make sure that we have the movers in place that have the technical experience in order to move it.”

Johnston has worked on approximately 60 moves with Health Care Relocations, the company brought in to orchestrate the hospital move, but says this one is unique.

“Usually we do hospital or residential care facility,” he explains, “so this one had two combined so we had really three patients moves: one being the acute move on Thursday, and then two residential moves, one today and one Sunday.”

While the majority of the residents who are now located in Peace Villa are happy to stay, there is a list of eight from the South Peace that will be moved back down to Rotary Manor when a spot opens up.

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