This holiday season, all of our Supporters are entered to win an $800 Shopping Spree Giveaway!

Entry fees for the derby will be $15 for adults, $7.50 for those 15 and younger and $10 for seniors.

The competition will begin at sun-up, with weigh-ins taking place at 3 p.m. at the boat launch. Judging will be based on weight; combining a team’s total number of catches for a final weight. Biggest number will win.

Those looking to hit the water will have to provide their own boat, but if unable to acquire a vessel, fishing is allowed to take place off the docks or shores.

The event will feature Adult and Junior Categories, as well as a hidden weight event, each with a variety of prizes to be won. Even if lady luck isn’t on your side and you are unable to reel one in, prizes can still be won.

There will also be a hidden weight category, where organizers will choose a random weight, and the team that catches a fish closest to that weight will win that category.

Door prizes as well as a silent auction will also be available at the event as well as prizes for oldest and youngest anglers.

Best of all, the derby falls on the Family Fishing B.C. Weekend, which means a fishing licence is not required for those interested in taking to the water. However, all fishing regulations are still in effect.

Tickets can be purchased at Marg’s Minimart in Hudson’s Hope, Lonestar Sporting Goods in Chetwynd or from the competition boat launch from 5 a.m. until the conclusion of the derby.

Last year, a total of 27 fish were weighed, with a Grande Prairie team taking first place after reeling in a 16.65 pound Lake Trout.

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This holiday season, we want to give back to the people who have supported us this year!

We have partnered with local businesses to create an $800 Shopping Spree Giveaway! One of our Supporters will win the giveaway on December 2 and anyone who becomes one by December 1 will be entered to win as well.

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