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That means he’ll be running, walking, or crawling around the track at Dr. Kearney Middle School for 12 hours, from noon to midnight.

“The team’s going to be there and I thought, maybe I’ll just try and do something a little different and see what it would be like to go for a little longer than I normally would,” he told Moose FM. The 12 hours are normally split between members of a team in a relay format.

Spelsburg runs regularly, and has taken part in marathons, and once spent 17 hours on his feet as part of the 2002 World Championships in Kamloops. His ultimate goal is to go 250 laps, 100 kilometres. While keeping moving for 12 hours will be incredibly tough, he says it’s nothing compared to what cancer patients go through.

“The fight that some people put up when they’re fighting cancer, I mean, this is a small fight. 12 hours is nothing compared to them,” he argues. “Everybody’s had somebody they know, or a family member that’s been affected in some way, so I think we can all maybe chip in a little bit.”

There are currently 35 teams registered in Fort St. John, that have already raised over $65,000 for the Canadian Cancer Society. This is the 11th year the fundraiser has been held in the city. It’s not too late to get involved. To learn more about the event click here. Even if you can’t participate in the relay, Spelsburg encourages everyone to come down to Dr. Kearney to support those who are.

“I’m hoping people will come down and watch and cheer! Not just for us but there’s going to be all kinds of people there and I think they would all appreciate some encouragement.”

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