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The Juniors hit the court first, with Players of the Game being awarded to Curtis Hammond, Melissa Platt, Ben Peterson, Catherine Ross, Coleman McCaffrey and Mark Sutherland.

In the Senior Boys Division, Lube-X defeated Northern Valve 35-29. Player of the Game for the winning Lube-X was Blake for his hard defensive checks and ability to control the floor offensively. The honour for Northern Valve went to Logan Harder for his aggressive play and solid defence.

In the second game, D. Bauer emerged victorious over Sunlife 42-33. D. Bauer nominated Kameron Furlong as Player of the Game after showing great effort on the court with quick cuts and a fast pace.  Sunlife’s Player of the Game was Alex Hartman, who played consistent defense while contributing offensively as well, displaying a well balanced game.

Following the game, Sunlife coach Kevin Charach discussed his thoughts on how the game unfolded.

“Both teams played hard and there was a strong defensive battle in the first half. D. Bauer executed the second half and Sunlife struggled on the boards missing one of their leading rebounders.”

Next the Senior Girls hit the hardwood, which first had Northern Valve defeat Focus 49-27. Laura Dressler was the Player of the Game for Northern Valve following a great display of leadership and excellent patience with the ball. Joanne Burtch took the title for Focus, after playing all five positions, playing tough defensive basketball and directing her teammates on the floor.  

In the second Senior Girls game, D. Bauer doubled up on Lube-X 42-21. Haley Johnston earned the title of Player of the Game for D. Bauer after demonstrating great improvement since the beginning of the season. Lube-X nominated their own Hayley for their Player of the Game, for her ability to steal the ball on numerous occasions, her intense energy and top notch lay-up skills.

The Basketball league will resume next Wednesday.

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