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Awards and their recipients are listed below:

Individual Awards

Ron Robinson Award-

Caleb Hadland

Earl Alexander Award-

Mason Kyllo

Dale Palmer Award, House or Rep Player in Atom Division-

House: Brody Hipkiss

Development: Connor Kindrat

Coret Lee James Schultz Memorial Award-

Adam Bowie

June Godberson Memorial Award-

Daniel Forrest

Mike Brandmann Memorial Award-

Jacob Lang

Brian Phillips Memorial Award-

Jordan Sandberg

Gary Flake Memorial Award-

Jarod Lang and Matt Hiebert

Maclean Herron Award-

Sam Aitken

Kenny Kosick Memorial Award-

Brent Loewen

Fort St. John Eagles Women’s Hockey Team Most Dedicated Female Award

Jordan Kosinsky

Kirschner Goal Tender Award-

Logan Edwards

Referee of the Year-

Justin Kristoff

Doug and Yvonne Wiles Recognition Award-

Robin Cant of Rhyason Contracting

Hugo Brandmann Memorial Parent Volunteer Award-

Kelsie Calliou

Rotary Play Fair Award-

Shopper’s Drug Mart


Team Awards

Earl Alexander & Sons

Most Dedicated-Brock Mitchell

Most Sportsmanlike- Freddy Horton

Most Improved- Louis Cardinall

Smith Bits

Most Dedicated-Brett Dyck

Most Sportsmanlike- James Cardinall

Most Improved- Chelan Merwin

Petroleum Association Midget Tier II

Most Dedicated- Kyle Leonard

Most Sportsmanlike- Brent Loewen

Most Improved- Tory Mitchell

Canadian Tire

Most Dedicated- Michael Makysmiec

Most Sportsmanlike- Jordan Sandberg

Most Improved- Austin Duncan

Imperial Oil

Most Dedicated- Lance Aylward

Most Sportsmanlike- Graham Morrison

Most Improved- Ashley Freeman

Royal Bank

Most Dedicated- Clayton Lepine

Most Sportsmanlike- Brian Mannoly

Most Improved- James Ross

Knights of Columbus Bantam Tier II

Most Dedicated- Alex Hartman

Most Sportsmanlike- Alexander Breunig

Most Improved- James Bowie

Flint Energy Bantam Tier II

Most Dedicated- Evan O’Neill

Most Sportsmanlike- Mathew Hiebert

Most Improved- Josh Craig

Shopper’s Drug Mart

Most Dedicated- Nicholas Page

Most Sportsmanlike- Liam Giesbrecht

Most Improved- Dawson Phillips

Oil West

Most Dedicated- Nathan Bragg

Most Sportsmanlike- Cooper Willms

Most Improved- Cache Wilson

Tom’s Construction

Most Dedicated- Cade van Dale

Most Sportsmanlike- Steven Schular

Most Improved- Coleman McAffery

Ross H. Maclean Peewee Tier II

Most Dedicated- Jeridyn Loewen

Most Sportsmanlike- Craig Grimes

Most Improved- Tanner Sandberg

VE Brandl Peewee Tier II

Most Dedicated- Cam Smethurst

Most Sportsmanlike- Daniel Forrest

Most Improved- Dawson Young


Most Dedicated- Riley Tubbs

Most Sportsmanlike- Keagen Ostle

Most Improved- O’Shea McAdie

Integra Tire

Most Dedicated- Brandon Modde

Most Sportsmanlike- Garret Busche

Most Improved- Kolton Johnson

Northern Metalic

Most Dedicated- Davin Klassen

Most Sportsmanlike- Austin Zacharias

Most Improved- Keaton Pomeroy

Pimm’s Production Atom Nine Yrs Development

Most Dedicated- Eric Melnyk

Most Sportsmanlike- Kailie Morton

Most Improved- Devon Beebe


Kin Club Atom 10 Yrs Development

Most Dedicated- Issac Wagner

Most Sportsmanlike- Tyler McArthur

Most Improved- Naythen Zinck

Ernie’s Sports

Most Dedicated- Owen Barrow

Most Sportsmanlike- Kylan Hynes

Most Improved- Brodie Gibb

Northern Spring, Brake & Steering

Most Dedicated- Quinn Disher

Most Sportsmanlike-Kick McCarthy

Most Improved- Kyler Davis


Most Dedicated- Hunter Brown

Most Sportsmanlike- Kash Pittam

Most Improved- Luka van Rensburg

Royal Canadian Legion

Most Dedicated- Tavish Parkhurst

Most Sportsmanlike- Issac Calliou

Most Improved- Robert Wick

Sharp Instruments

Most Dedicated- Ryan O`Conner

Most Sportsmanlike- Drew Woodruff

Most Improved- Luka D’Agastino

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