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This continues a ten-year trend of increases. Raw natural gas production also went through a slight increase.

However, conventional production and reserve additions are continuing to decline. 134 wells were drilled in 2010 for conventional targets with initial raw gas reserve additions totalling 18.6 109 m3.

A major player in these additions is the Horn River shale gas play. As of December 2010, there were 98 producing shale gas wells in the Horn River Basin, amounting for ten per cent of the province’s total production.

As in the past, production the Montney continues to be the most active natural gas play in B.C. with 383 wells accounting for 57 per cent of all wells drilled in 2010. Montney production accounts for 26 per cent of the province’s total production, with significant expected increases in 2011.

On the other hand, the B.C. Oil and Gas Commission reports that the province’s oil reserves have decreased. In 2010, 1,270 103 m3 of oil was produced, down from 1,282 103 in 2009, from the nineteen oil wells drilled. This led to the decrease in reserves, dropping back to 18.7 106 m3 from 19.3 106 m3 in 2009. One new oil pool was discovered in 2010, Cache Creek Doig BB, which increased Initial Reserves by 28.4 103 m3.

According to the report, “British Columbia’s oil reserves continue to be dominated by secondary recovery schemes,” adding that waterflood pools account for approximately 50 per cent of remaining oil reserves.

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