Holmlund said her background as a planning geologist in geographic information systems (GIS) gives her a skill set suited for the type of smart planning Tumbler Ridge will need as it continues to grow and change.

“I am familiar with data, numbers and land use planning, and I think there is a definite need for somebody with that expertise on council,” she said. “I’m used to solving problems. I’m used to looking at a problem and then working towards a solution.”

She said with the ongoing expansion of the region’s coal mines, developing more housing for those new workers will be a critical issue going forward. She said there are steps mayor and council can take to address the housing shortage such as applying to acquire more Crown land for development.

“We just do not have a lot of land available for housing, and that has to be addressed right away,” she said.

Holmlund said while there are exciting times ahead for Tumbler Ridge, the town should also be prepared for potential downturns through prudent financial planning and frugal spending, as she said those downturns are inevitable in a resource-based town.

Holmlund has certainly seen the ups and downs of the local economy, as she and her husband have lived in Tumbler Ridge since November of 1982 when the town was still being constructed, and have raised two children there. She served on council for a three-year term from 2005 to 2008, and has been active with many other community organizations, including most recently as chair of the board of the Tumbler Ridge Public Library and as a volunteer for Emergency Social Services.

“I’m very passionate about the community, I love it. It is a beautiful community and we have so much to offer.”

So far, Holmlund is running unopposed for the mayor’s seat in Tumbler Ridge. Incumbent Mayor Larry White said he will not be seeking re-election this November after six years on council in order to spend more time with family and pursue other interests.

Voting for this year’s civic elections takes place on Nov. 19. Check back with Mile 0 City all this week for more profiles on local candidates.