Colleen Wangler, owner/operator of the Old Baldy Ranch in the Upper Cutbank area, generously decided to put one of her horses up for auction to raise money for the SPCA during her annual production sale on Saturday afternoon. As a former veterinary assistant at the Vancouver SPCA Animal Hospital, Wangler said she can understand how difficult and thankless of a job it can be for the staff at the local shelter.

“It’s just a cause that’s very dear to my heart, and this is just my way of saying, ‘thank you,’” she said.

The horse being auctioned off was an American Quarter Horse filly that was born back in May.

“She’s phenomenal. She is a very unique colour for one thing. Her bloodlines are some of the oldest and purest in the industry,” said Wangler about the horse, adding the filly is double-registered with both the American Quarter Horse Association and the National Foundation Quarter Horse Association.

Coincidentally, it was Wangler’s neighbour, Chantelle Greenberg, who placed the winning bid of $585 on the filly. Greenberg said given the size of the horse and its good-natured temperament, she thinks the filly will be great for use in a local pony club, a program that introduces young riders to horses.

Wangler said she intends to auction one young horse off for the local SPCA every year at her production sale.

Wendy Davies, manager of the local shelter, said they are very grateful to have Wangler’s support.

“To have an annual event like this is huge for us, it’s something people can look forward to every year,” said Davies. “All community support means so much to us. We definitely need help and improvements here, there are way too many animals in need in this area.”

Wangler wished to pass on a special thanks to manager Don Fessler and the Vold, Jones and Vold Auction Company for hosting the production sale at the Northeast Regional Auction Mart in Dawson Creek on Saturday.