The stencils were generously donated by Busy Bee Signs and Graphics and the Boyd Christenson from Russ’ Body Shop volunteered his time to do the sandblasting.

In order for the sundial to accurately reflect the time, the location of the stencils had to be precise. In order to obtain those precise measurements, Dale Hansen of the beautification committee turned to Modern Sunclocks, a Scotland-based company. He said the company provided him with the exact location of the sundial – 55.75 degrees north longitude, 120.23 degrees west latitude – and how to space the numbers on the clock according to that location and the date.

The sundial was also engraved with the quote – “The shadow by my finger cast, divides the future from the past” – a very popular motto to include with sundials.  

Not only will the human sundial provide the community with a new interactive feature at Peace Park, but it is also meant to honour the late Edna McPhail, a long-serving member of the beautification committee and champion of many community projects – including the Dawson Creek Art Gallery – who passed away in 2008 at the age of 85.

There are just a few finishing touches needed to complete the sundial project, including a commemorative plaque that will be erected there. A grand opening ceremony is expected within the next couple of weeks.