Fort St. John’s boundary expansion will be one of the topics discussed at the city’s upcoming Council meeting.

On Monday, Aug. 22, city council will vote on the proposed expansion of Fort St. John, to incorporate some rural residents, businesses and lands within city limits.

According to the City’s Planner Kevin Brooks, Fort St. John has been looking to incorporate additional land, currently part of the Peace River Regional District, because of what he calls “irregularities” in the city’s boundary.

He says the City is growing and to remain competitive, it has to be able to offer spaces for all types of land uses ranging from commercial, industrial and residential.

City Council will have three options to vote on come Monday. Such options include incorporating the new land within city boundaries, not incorporating the land into the city or a third option to proceed with the boundary expansion with a tiered property tax system for serviced and un-serviced areas.

Brooks says that if council decides on the third option, the land with access to city services, such as sewer and water would be taxed city rates, whereas those without such services would be taxed at lower rates.