The time we head to the federal polls the polling station, and election itself, may look very different.

In a report released today Chief Electoral Officer Mark Mayrand suggested that the government needs to update the Elections Act, and perhaps include electronic voting.

“Elections Canada has reached a point where the limited flexibility of the current legislation no longer allows us to meet the evolving needs of electors and candidates” Mayrand writes.

What that means for the general population is that many different types of voting could be tried out over the country, over the next few by-elections. The government is currently looking ways to switch over to electronic balloting, but that could be years away.

The report also suggested that the government needs to revisit third-party advertising rules, as social media gets to be more and more relevant to the voting class. Mayrand even goes as far as saying the government may look at excluding all un-paid types of media, including Twitter and Facebook, in upcoming elections.

If anyone is interested in reading the 63 page report, they can do so, by clicking here.