Fort St. John RCMP are warning the public to be vigilant after it has received a considerable number of fraud reports.

Police say some of the frauds cases have been where someone gets a phone call from a person claiming to be a relative and is in jail, or the person claims to have a good priced rental property or could be sending emails promising a cash inheritance.

However, they say despite the different circumstances, how the fraudsters try to retrieve the money is the same, by asking for money transfers through Western Union or Pay Pal.
They even say that in some cases the fraud artists impersonate those companies to give directions on how to make the transfers.

The fraud artists have made up convincing false letter heads, transaction records or receipts for banks, websites or anything else that may deceive a fraud victim.

Since they say there is no way to protect these fraud victims and little chance of recovering their money, people should be weary if they are asked to wire money.

People are asked to be sceptical of anything that sounds ridiculous or too good to be true.

Many of the cases involve the fraud artists asking for money to be wired to the United Kingdom.