Photo:  Both suspects arrested in 2010 in connection with the murder of Joshua Lequiere will head to trial.

Andre Paul Dupas will head to trial in the murder of Joshua Lequiere.

Lequiere died in hospital after being found by police in a pickup in an east end apartment parking lot on May 20, 2010.

During a preliminary hearing that started on Monday, evidence was presented to determine if the case against Dupas would be sent to trial.   The judge Friday afternoon determined there was enough evidence to support a trial.  A date for the trial will be set on August 8.

Pamela Joy Moore was also arrested and charged in connection with the murder of Joshua Lequiere.   Moore in January, waived her right to a preliminary inquiry and elected to be tried by a provincial court judge alone.  That trial will start on September 26 in Fort St. John.

Andre Dupas is well known to police, right across the province, and has also been the subject of several other charges including those that went to drug possession and trafficking.