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Total precipitation observations in the Peace Region since yesterday include 65 mm at Chetwynd, and 70 mm at Dawson Creek, with lesser amounts in other areas.

Rivers in the south Peace Region have been rising since late yesterday and are continuing to rise today. The Pine River at East Pine at 9:30 AM was flowing at approximately 1300 m3/s which is a 2-year return period flow, and the water level has been rising at a rate of 15 cm/hour since early this morning.

The Moberly River has also been rising at a rate of 1-2 cm/hour since yesterday and the discharge at 7AM was 89 m3/s, which is approaching a 5-year return period flow. The Kiskatinaw River near Farmington is reporting a discharge of 343 m3/s at 10AM, which is above a 5-year return period flow. Although 36 mm of precipitation was recorded at the Halfway River near Farrell Creek the water level has not exhibited the same rise in water level and is currently stable at a discharge of approximately 230 m3/s.

Environment Canada is maintaining the Rainfall Warning for the Peace River Region. Although rainfall intensity has decreased, an additional 5-10 mm is forecast for today with higher amounts up to 20 mm closer to the mountains in the south. Rain will continue tonight with another 5-15 mm, easing to showers by Sunday morning. Water levels will continue to rise today and will peak on most systems later today or tomorrow, depending on when the rainfall eases. Rivers with larger lakes such as the Moberly River will remain elevated and will peak early next week.

The River Forecast Centre will continue to monitor conditions and will provide an update as conditions warrant. Current streamflow information is available from the River Forecast Centre website:

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