Rock slide on the Cecil Lake Road

A rock slide has closed part of the Cecil Lake road.

The land slide occurred around 5 p.m. And covered the west bound lane that heads towards Fort St. John. The road is still open to single lane alternating traffic and YRB is on scene dealing with the clean up.

The slide is located at the east end of the valley where the road becomes winding and speed is reduced. The RCMP are asking the public to take care when traveling on the Cecil Lake road.

The south Taylor Hill also has problems from the heavy rain. Water has been spotted on the hill, but the road is still in good condition. Motorists should use caution in the area. Yellowhead Road and Bridge is currently looking into the incident.

At this time, the RCMP have not released any further information about problems on roads in the North Peace.

If you see anything on the roads around the Peace, let us know 

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