This photo is from the Chetwynd Echo Facebook Page

The District of Chetwynd has been hit hard by heavy rains and flooding.

There are several reports of flooding all over the community. Right now there is a large amount of water in the downtown core and residents are sand bagging to save as many building as possible.

Two bridges in the community are still open but the water is running just below those bridges.

According to eye witnesses, the water has created sink holes in sidewalks and roads in the community and in some cases washed out parts of the road or sidewalk.

The water has also washed out a large part of the rail road tracks that run through the community.

We understand the Moberly Lake Campground was evacuated Friday night because of water levels in the area.

Moberly Bridge on Highway 29 north is closed because the bridge could be washed away at any moment.

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