Nearly one month after the B.C. government announced it would be cutting funding for several sheriff positions, it is now restoring that funding.

B.C.’s Attorney General Barry Penner says the money is being returned after judges complained about the pressures on the court system.

The Province was set to cut 52 auxiliary deputies, equivalent to approximately 34 full-time positions.

The original announcement had met with considerable opposition, including in Fort St. John where the City had sent a letter to various ministries and all municipalities in the Union of B.C. Municipalities to complain about the lack of consultation and notification about the cuts.

Sheriffs have various responsibilities, including escorting prisoners to and from court houses, providing security within courtrooms and transporting prisoners to penitentiaries. When Sheriffs are not available, it is up to the local RCMP to take over some of those responsibilities, removing them from their regular duties, for which local municipalities pay.

Although some judges had delayed or halted trials due to safety concerns, there is no information to suggest there were any cases that were disrupted in Fort St. John.

-with files from Adam Reaburn and the Canadian Press