For the first time since 2007, Fort St. John has officially recorded more than 50 millimeters of rain in June.


18.2 millimeters yesterday left the running total at 58.8, and with 11 days left in month, the area is well ahead of pace, to top its June average of 71.4.

2007 was also the last time that happened, when 92.4 millimeters were recorded at the local airport…but counting this year, it has only happened in two other years, in the past decade…2003 when 72.8 millimeters were recorded, and 2005 when the total was 96.6.

This year’s June total is also already more than four times the amount recorded in the same month last year, and unofficially it puts the year-to-date total at 256.2 millimeters.

That’s 57 more than the local area average for the first six months of the year…and it not only comes on the heels of the 2010 drought year…but also at a time when forecasters are calling for a hot-dry summer, which begins in the Pacific Time Zone at 10.16 tomorrow morning.