A Fort St. John elementary school is deciding to do things differently for the upcoming school year.

For the 2011/2012 school year, Fort St. John’s Christian Life School will be switching the schedule of its Kindergarten class from full, to part-time.
Christian Life School will be the only school in Fort St. John with a part-time Kindergarten program and is only one of a few schools within the province to follow this format.
The upcoming school year will have Kindergarten classes take place on Monday, Wednesday and Fridays.
School Administrators Don Irwin and Robert Carroll say “independent schools have the choice of full- or part-time and we surveyed the new Kindergarten parents and the large majority preferred part-time, so we are going with part-time.”
For more information on the new part-time program, please visit the school’s official website, or call 250-785-1437.