Province introduces Fareboxes


Residents in Fort St. John, along with other communities in the province will have the option to pay for public transit electronically.

Transit customers will now have the opportunity to use a new electronic system, called Fareboxes, which will improve fare security, collect accurate revenue and ridership data and reduce fare disputes.

The new machines will also record data from each card, such as boarding time and bus routes. This information can later be used to help determine future changes or improvements to the local transit system.

Passholders can now swipe their encoded pass at the Farebox when boarding a bus for validation. The method of payment remains the same for people paying by cash or ticket.

President and CEO of B.C. Transit Manuel Achadinha, says “B.C. Transit and our local government partners are committed to investing in ways that help build safer, more effective and more efficient transit systems.”

The long-range capital project, budgeted at $6.48 million, will equip roughly 700 transit vehicles within the province.

The encoded bus passes are now on sale and for more information, please visit the B.C. Transit website.

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