Fort St. John Mayor Bruce Lantz issued four proclamations for the City.

The Mayor issued the first proclamation, declaring May 1-7 as Drinking Water Week. The presentation given by the City’s utilities superintendant and several water treatment plant operators outlined the fact that most people not only don’t know where their drinking water comes from but also don’t know that it is “made”. The week will include a public campaign for the community, at which time the City’s water treatment plant will be showcased to the public.

The second proclamation issued centred around vision. Glen Merwin gave a presentation to council on how people can protect their vision, saying eyesight should never be taken for granted. Merwin spoke on behalf of the Canadian National Institute of the Blind about the importance of wearing safety glasses when doing certain types of work, as well as the importance of wearing sunglasses. Lantz then proclaimed May as Vision Health Month and May 26 as Shades of Fun Day.

The third proclamation involved nurses. Local nurse Mary Tylosky gave a presentation on this year’s theme, “the health of our nation”. The week celebrates Canadian nurses as their work in the country’s healthcare. The Mayor declared May 9-15 as National Nursing Week.

The fourth proclamation dealt with emergency preparedness. Jeanne Walsh, the City’s safety and emergency management co-ordinator, gave a presentation on the importance of being prepared for emergencies and having a kit that can sustain someone for a 72-hour period. Mayor Bruce Lantz then declared May 1-7 as Emergency Preparedness Week in Fort St. John.