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Video of the motion presented by Mayor Bruce Lantz at Tuesday’s Council meeting.


Less than two months after Fort St. John City Council reprimanded Mayor Bruce Lantz and put travel restrictions on him for behaviour it considered ‘unacceptable’, Lantz asked Council to drop the restrictions saying the point had been made.

The motion putting sanctions on the Mayor had been passed at a closed council meeting in February and came into effect March 15. The motion stipulates that Mayor Bruce Lantz is not allowed to meet or travel by himself with a City female employee. Furthermore, he is not allowed to travel outside the region as a City representative unless Council specifically consents to the travel and another Councillor can travel with him.

At Tuesday’s City Council meeting, Lantz brought forward a new motion, asking to be allowed to attend conferences for the North Central Local Government Association, the Federation of Canadian Municipalities and the Union of British Columbia Municipalities.

Councillor Don Irwin seconded the motion, giving the Mayor a chance to explain why he would like to go to these conferences.

Referring to a City policy stating that Council can attend all three conferences, Lantz said as many councillors need to attend these conferences as possible due to the amount of information being presented.

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Lantz said it would be especially important for him to attend the NCLGA conference since there will be a presentation on the transportation summit that was held in Prince George at the beginning of March. He said that because the summit had been his idea and he co-hosted it with Prince George Mayor Dan Rogers, he should be able to attend the conference to give the presentation.

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Although Lantz pointed to the fact that he had been sober for 28 years, when asked how long he had been sober presently, he said he has not been counting but that “it’s been awhile.”

Councillor Trevor Bolin said he strongly believes Fort St. John’s mayor should attend the events, but since the sanctions are in place, someone would have to be with him.

Although it was indicated councillors would be at both the UBCM and NCLGA, none were currently scheduled to attend the FCM. Lantz stated that was why he should be able to attend the conference, so that the City is represented.

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Councillor Don Irwin brought up the fact that only five of seven of the councillors were at Tuesday’s Council Meeting and he felt the Mayor’s motion should be tabled until all councillors were available to discuss it. The Mayor countered that point by saying that Council had quorum and if they could make decisions for the City, did not see why they could not make decisions that affected him.

A few of the councillors appeared noticeably annoyed by the motion, with Councillor Bolin saying that Council had put a lot of time and thought into the reprimands, along with the ramifications. Councillor Bruce Christensen added to that comment, saying he would only be in favour of tabling the motion since all of Council had made the original decision on the reprimands and that all of Council should be present to vote on the Mayor’s motion.

Lantz then announced he was withdrawing his motion, saying Councillors could attend the meetings on their own and “do whatever it is that they wish to do” and calling it “all too predictable.”