Photo: A broken sprinkler head caused the fire alarm system at North Peace Secondary School to activate./Kimberley Molina


A broken sprinkler head had caused an evacuation at North Peace Secondary School in Fort St. John Tuesday.

The sprinkler head broke at around 11 a.m., causing a water leak, which in turn caused the fire alarm system to activate, says Principal Raymond Asai.

At least three fire trucks attended the scene, along with a fire rescue vehicle.

Asai says the sprinkler head was located in the school’s basement, near the English wing. He says there are indications that a few students were playing around near the sprinkler, but he still needs to verify that report.

He says the majority of students are returning to class, except students who had an English class. He says other arrangements for those students are being made, including finding them alternative classrooms.

A stream of dark water – looking a lot like coffee because of the time it has been sitting in the sprinkler system collecting rust – covered the basement floor. Although Asai says the school will not be able to assess any damage until the water is cleared up, he believes at least one classroom in the wing is usable.

However, at least one teacher appeared not to let the sprinkler problems affect his class, holding an impromptu lesson in the school’s foyer.